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Big Top Timmy is the 16th episode of Shaun the Sheep.


Timmy wonders off to a circus, and it's up to The Flock to save him.


In the barn, The Flock is resting. Timmy then sees a light through the barn window and he starts to wander out the door. Timmy then sees the circus and starts wandering to the circus, at first he was stopped by Bitzer but successfully leaves on his second try. Timmy enter the circus and enjoy its performances as well as performs them. The next morning, Timmy's Mother notices Timmy is gone and Shaun tries to help. The Flock then comes to the circus and sees Timmy on the tightrope. Shaun tries to catch Timmy several ways while Shirley plays the drums. On the final attempt, Shaun catches Timmy. Meanwhile, The Farmer is wondering where the Flock is. The Flock launches themselves over to the barn. The Farmer finally sees them and thinks there are more flying sheep. The episode ends when the flock look at each other, thinking he's crazy.



  • In this episode, Timmy goes to the circus without his teddy bear. However, in Timmy In A Tizzy, he's shown he does not want to lose his teddy bear, which makes him cry. One possibility is that the circus distracted him that makes him ignore his teddy bear.
  • The Pigs and Pidsley are absent.