Bitzer From The Black Lagoon is the 67th episode in Series 2 of Shaun the Sheep.

Bitzer From The Black Lagoon
Bitzer From The Black Lagoon title card
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Written by

Glenn Dakin

Storyboards by

David Price & Dhimant Vyas

Directed by

Seamus Malone

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CBBC Channel

May 25, 2010

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"Pig Trouble"
"Zebra Ducks Of The Serengeti"

Plot Edit

The episode begins with the only title Bitzer and then the phrase "From The Black Lagoon" with scary sounds causing one of the Flock to be scared. When Shaun and Bitzer play soccer, Shaun accidentally kicks the ball very high, and Bitzer finds the ball in the forest and falls down into the lagoon, and then a muddy creature emerges to the farm. Back at Mossy Bottom Farm, the Flock eat the grass, but then hear the muddy creature moaning in the background. They see him appearing and coming toward them. The flock are scared of him and run away screaming. Meanwhile, Shaun is standing but hears them screaming and running away. Shaun then screams and runs away as the muddy creature chases them. Shaun and the flock run away to the barn and hide somewhere, but the muddy creature is there, so Shaun and the flock run away outside.

Shaun goes up the tree but a mud falls into his eyes. He sees the muddy creature in the tree and then he goes to the lamb rover, but he gets scared (only to see there were two sheep inside), the muddy creature appears outside the window and he goes at the back of the lamb rover. Shaun then escapes and the muddy creature gives him a ball, but Shaun realizes he could be Bitzer. Shaun and the flock revenge the muddy creature by using hoses, bucket of bubbles, and sponges, revealing a weird-looking humanoid that is naked while Bitzer was taking a shower in the Farmer's house.

The humanoid gives Bitzer the hat and grabs the towel walking away while he was complaining. The episode ends with Shaun and the flock saying bye to him and the humanoid cross.

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Trivia Edit

  • The episode's title is a parody of the 1954 film "Creature From The Black Lagoon".
  • The drawing in the tree from "Save The Tree" appears as an Easter egg.
  • The humanoid appears to be able to teleport or moves faster than Shaun.
  • One of the flock members break the fourth wall at the beginning by noticing the words "From The Black Lagoon" and gets frightened of it.
  • The Farmer does not appear in this episode despite hearing damage and sound and crash going on.
  • This episode was banned in France and Russia because of the humanoid's appearance being too frightening for younger children due to the controversy.