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Buzz Off Bees is the thirteenth episode of Series 1 of Shaun the Sheep.


Bitzer and the flock encounter a hive of bees. Mayhem ensues.


The episode opens when the Flock are seen walking out of the barn and Bitzer is seen checking up, before the Farmer comes out to check the bees while holding the beehive. The Flock think he is a monster to kill them, but he is just taking hive to his house. However, one of the bees come out and play a prank on the Flock while Shaun is shown relaxing on the tree but he gets annoyed by a buzzing bee. He tries to kill the bees but the newspapers get cut in half and the bees smell something coming from. It's Bitzer who's eating his lunch, a jam with two slices. He hides his lunch in his hat when he thinks that the bees are trying to steal it. He runs away from the bees. He throws it to Hazel, one of the twins and Shaun, who goes toward the broom and gets hit by it, and the breads is thrown into the farmhouse the Farmer tried to reach the jam but slips and a jar falls into his face, and the Farmer tries running away to get out of his house as he jumps into the sheep dip, and Shaun takes a bead and runs and throws it to the bee house and Bitzer nails it sixty-six times so the bees won't get out again, and the Farmer drives it the tractor too far away from the farm, and the episode ends.




  • The Farmer's appearance in a beekeeper suit is a spoof of Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise.
  • This episode is the second to show a sheep defecating.
  • Timmy Made A Cameo Apperence In This One.


  • When the jar falls into the Farmer's head, his eyes are visible but he wears the glasses again in the end when he is shown driving away.