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Cat Got Your Brain is the fifty-eighth episode of Series 2 of Shaun the Sheep.


This episode starts with Shaun sleeping inside the barn. Then the aliens bring him inside the flying saucer. And then, the aliens bring Pidsley inside also. Two aliens who are trying to change their brains. One alien controls their brains while he is placing his coffee on top of the controller. But then, the coffee spills on the controller causing it malfunction and making another alien angry. The two argue each other. They then drop the wrong animals on their homes. The next day, when Pidsley wakes up, he see the flock crowding on him. The flock walk outside and see Pidsley eating grass.The flock become so confused. Shaun wakes up in The Farmer's house. He goes to the refridgerator and eats some foods. When the Farmer sees him he throws him outside and gets Pidsley. Shaun then acts like Pidsley, while Pidsley was watching television he offers the mouse cheese. During the night Shaun and Pidsley battle each other in the Kitchen. Then the aliens change their brains to normal and when the farmer arrives. He scolds Pidsley causing him to be confused with Bitzer's voice. Shaun escapes with the mouse while he was going home. The episode ends with the animals' voice being swap.