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Farmstar is the fifth episode of Shaun the Sheep: Adventures from Mossy Bottom.


The Farmer sets out to become a viral video star like his popular neighbor.


One day, the Farmer and Bitzer are at a country fair, enjoying their ice cream. Suddenly, the duo show up at Ben and Lexi's attraction, where Ben and Lexi are signing autographs for their fans. This causes the Farmer to be bewildered upon the popular duo's fame (and accidentally ruins his and Bitzer's ice cream).

Upon returning home, the Farmer and Bitzer are looking up online in their laptop when they notice that Ben and Lexi are popular online celebrities with many pics dedicated to them. Going to a video hosting website, the Farmer and Bitzer watch Ben's videos that show his grandeur abilities. Envying at Ben's popularity, the Farmer decides to do the same thing as Ben.

However, the Farmer ends up making a laughing stock out of himself. Whenever the Farmer tries to replicate Ben's videos, the Farmer ends up creating silly, subpar versions of them. The results speak themselves when, after uploading the video, the video barely gets any view as well as only getting dislikes (one coming from Lexi herself) on the next day. Heartbroken, the Farmer leaves in humiliation. Fortunately, Shaun is also watching the video and notices the Farmer's problem. Shaun quickly offers to help, which Bitzer reluctantly agrees, handling the laptop's responsibility to Shaun.

Immediately, Shaun and the flock begin their work in their barn. Waiting until the evening, Shaun returns the laptop back to Bitzer. Upon seeing the new video of the Farmer Shaun made, Bitzer notices that the video gains a lot of views and likes from viewers. Bitzer then brings the Farmer to see the video's reputation, much to the Farmer's joy. However, the Farmer only sees the video's popularity as Bitzer then watches the video Shaun made.

It's revealed that Shaun repurposed the footages of the Farmer's silly acts into a hilarious remixed music video that uses auto-tune, looped footage, and special effects. Later, a group of farmers pass by Ben and Lexi, much to their confusion, to meet the Farmer. The group then imitate the "dance" they view on Shaun's video, much to the confusion of the Farmer.



  • The Flock technically reveal their sentience to the humans in this episode, as they're dancing in Shaun's video. However, because Shaun's video uses a lot of special effects, the viewers only suspect the dancing sheep to be also special effects.
    • Earlier in the episode, we see a green screen in the barn. It's clear that the Flock only dances in the green screen to have their dancing be used for Shaun's video and have people assume they're just special effects.