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Shaun and Bitzer watch some old movies at the barn, but cannot agree on which clips they find funny.

Episode Summary

The episode opens as Bitzer takes his check on his clipboard at sunset. He hears something fixing the object. He goes to the barn to see. It is revealed that Shaun is taking the film to turn on on the whiteboard. When the film begins, Bitzer sees the scenes which happened in every previous episodes. Shaun is watching and Bitzer sits next to him and the film scene shows Shaun and Timmy playing from "Chip Off the Old Block" and involes Timmy playing with is teddy from "Timmy In A Tizzy". Bitzer and Shaun are happy about seeing themselves on the film scene, and the film scene shows Shaun with one of the Flock stuck inside turkey and mattress from "Camping Chaos". And in "Stick With Me", Shaun in the film looks at the screen, and in "Shaun Shoots The Sheep", Shaun is taking the picture of the Flock. And in "The Magpie" the Flock and Bitzer fall down when getting the silver things back from the tree.


Main Characters

Minor Characters