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Get Your Goat is the second episode of Shaun the Sheep: Adventures from Mossy Bottom.


The goat gobbles his way deep into the cornfield - at the worst possible time!


One day, the Farmer is starting a bountiful harvest as his corn field grows plentiful amounts of fresh and delicious corn. While preparing, he and Bitzer passes by Mower Mouth, who is craving for corn. Shaun then hears Mower Mouth's desperate bleating. Knowing of the goat's desires, Shaun then gives a corn to Mower Mouth, who eats the corn fast.

However, eating the corn causes Mower Mouth to go corn crazy as he then breaks free from his leash and starts mowing down the corn field, forming a huge maze. Bitzer, upon returning with the goat feed, is shocked when he realizes that Mower Mouth has freed himself and scolds Shaun for feeding the goat a piece of corn. Meanwhile, Mower Mouth has passed out from overdosing on corn.

Noticing the maze, Shaun takes responsibility and enters it, only to realize how deep it is. Using the flock's help, Shaun uses Shirley's wool as rope to keep himself reminded of where he goes in the maze. Unfortunately, bad news struck when the Farmer decides to start using his harvester for his corn, unaware of what's going on. Realizing this situation, Bitzer takes initiative and stalls the Farmer however he can, starting with an impromptu picnic in front of the harvester that almost got the Farmer distracted.

As Bitzer's antics continue, Shaun located Mower Mouth and noticed that the goat is fast asleep. While Bitzer tries to stall tidying up his "picnic" as much as possible, Shaun struggles to move or wake up Mower Mouth.

Things take the turn for the worse as the flock notices the Farmer starting the harvester, alerting them to pull Shaun real fast. As Bitzer tries to stall the Farmer using a car jack, the rope Shaun uses breaks from too much force, much to the shock of the flock. After the car jack breaks and the Farmer starts his harvest, forcing Bitzer to chase his owner, the flock goes into the maze to search for Shaun. While Bitzer's chase ends up with him buried in corn, Timmy finds Shaun the exact moment he later sees the Farmer's harvesting, alerting the flock into a panic.

After the flock reaches Shaun and Mower Mouth, things look grim as the group is seemingly trapped until Shaun gets Mower Mouth's biting instincts activated by a piece of corn. Exploiting the goat's obsession, Shaun causes Mower Mouth to clear a path for him and the flock to escape from the Farmer's harvest. Everyone is delighted to make it out alive.

In the evening, Shaun, Bitzer, and the flock are enjoying the harvested corn as the Farmer carries them to a storage. When Mower Mouth wakes up, Shaun offers him a corn. The goat then denies in disgust, having recently consumed too much corn.



  • This episode is a rare occurrence that Mower Mouth rejects any edibles he sees.
  • Shirley isn't visible during the final escape. It's either an animation error or Shirley escapes in a different path from Shaun and the others.