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Hiccups is the 28th episode of Shaun the Sheep.


While the Farmer is busy painting the water drain pipe on the side of his house, the Flock is tending to themselves on the pasture, and Bitzer is keeping watch with a large bottle of juice. Shirley drinks Bitzer's juice while he's distracted, only to start hiccupping uncontrollably. Shaun looks on as Bitzer first attempts to startle Shirley out of her hiccups by blowing into a paper bag and popping it, but she keeps hiccupping after a brief moment of fright. Getting an idea, Shaun has Bitzer blow air into a larger bag, which Shaun pops with a pitchfork, causing a louder boom, startling the rest of the Flock and stunning Bitzer. Shirley keeps hiccupping, so Shaun then tries a booming guitar riff at full volume, causing a huge explosion. The Farmer is knocked off balance into the muddy pigpen (while the Pigs eat their lunch without a care.) Shirley is still uncured of hiccups as a blackened Bitzer tries to recover himself from Shaun's explosive attempt, then begs Shaun not to try anything else, much to Shaun's dismay. As the Farmer goes inside to wash himself off, Bitzer whistles Shirley over to the tree, assisted by the Twins, who place her upside down on her head against the tree trunk. But not only does the attempt fail, Shirley's weight causes the tree to fall. Shaun then attempts to get Shirley to drink a bucket full of water through a funnel. After thinking the attempt was successful, Shaun removes the funnel, only for Shirley to spit the water out (squirting Timmy in the process) and still hiccupping. While the Farmer showers, Bitzer tries hypnosis on Shirley, using his whistle, freezing her in place for a few moments. Again thinking they're successful, Shaun and Bitzer clap hands, which snaps Shirley out of it, and continues hiccupping. Bitzer then instructs Shirley to hold her breath for as long as possible. While Shaun and Bitzer laugh over the newspaper comics, Shirley is on the verge of bursting. In the bathroom, the Farmer drops a rubber duck and as he bends over to retrieve it, his towel comes off, exposing his rear to the window. Upon seeing the Farmer exposed, Shirley (and everyone else) screams in horror at the sight and covers their eyes (Timmy's are covered by his Mother.) After the Farmer walks away from the window, everyone takes a moment to recover, though Timmy is still traumatized by the experience. Shirley, however, appears to finally be cured of her hiccups and resumes eating normally. Unfortunately for Shaun and Bitzer, everyone else in the Flock starts hiccupping, causing Bitzer to howl in despair...



  • When the Farmer drops his rubber duck & when his towel falls off, his naked rear end shows from the window much to Bitzer's & the sheep's disgust.
  • The scene where the Farmer's buttock is zoomed in was cut out in some countries due to it being too inappropriate for the viewers.