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Shaun goes on a secret mission today to retrieve his football from the farmer's home. Meanwhile, the farmer has trouble with his new computer.


Shaun and the flock are playing football, when Shaun accidentally kicks the ball into the Farmer's house. The football lands into his dining room, where he has connected his new computer, which has popups opening randomly. Shaun enters the house in the disguise of a gnome, and gets into the computer's box. Shaun sneaks under the farmer's desk. The farmer disconnects and starts disassembling his computer. He tries to search for tools under his desk, but Shaun puts a screwdriver onto his hand. The Farmer realizes there was a bee inside his computer after removing every single component, including the wiring, while Shaun chuckles and escapes unnoticed.


  • This is the second episode where Bitzer does not appear in the episode.