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Mower Mouth is the 7th episode of Shaun the Sheep.


A pesky goat is tethered in the sheep's field, and threatens to eat all their grass. When it breaks free, Shaun is taken on a ski-ing trip all around the farm.

Episode Summary

The episode starts when Bitzer is taking the check with the Flock. He whistles to tell them to eat the grass. But suddenly, a pesky goat, Mower Mouth, is trying to eat the Farmer's clothing but is too hard. So the Farmer nails the grass to trap Mower Mouth on the ground. But it tries to get out by eating the grass in circle. Afterwards, it eats tire, drinks toilet, but Timmy's Mum covers his eyes because he doesn't want to get sick. Mower Mouth runs around on the ground and the Flock gasp in horror as it tries to get out. After it breaks free, Shaun gets the nail but gets taken on a skiing trip. The Flock fears that Mower Mouth will kill Shirley, but she instead has a huge hole resembling a doughnut on the fleece because she has no blood or guts coming out. Mower Mouth runs five times faster while Shaun is seen getting and getting dizzy because it ran over and starts to take Shaun on the ride. Bitzer, and the Flock look at it running. Meanwhile, the three ducks are eating but they spin and the feathers come out after Mower Mouth runs toward them. The Farmer is seen cutting the bush but accidentally breaks the scissors in half. Bitzer runs over to tell him that Mower Mouth has now broken free. It comes closer to them but turns right to pigsty. While the pigs are seen eating foods but Mower Mouth steals theirs and attacks them twice. After running faster, the music stops with record scratch as Mower Mouth gets caught by the Farmer and Shaun crash into Mower Mouth, who uses it as lawnmower to cut the bushes and the episode ends.




  • In this episode, Timmy's Mum covered his eyes, it's probably due to Mower Mouth drinking the toilet in disgust.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Mower Mouth the goat.
  • The First Episode To Include a Character That is not a Sheep.

Production Information

International Premieres


  • After Mower Mouth eats the lettuce, it just has appeared. But when Mower Mouth crashes the pigsty, the lettuce is gone.

Background Information

  • You can see Timmy looking frightened with the Flock and his mum, it's probably Mower Mouth ate the grass in the roundabout to get out.

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