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Mower Mouth is a voracious goat who consumes everything he finds, be it edible or not. He is an unstoppable eating machine – while not an unfriendly character, all of his considerable energy is focused on his next meal.

Episode Appearences

Shaun the Sheep Movie

Mowermouth makes a minor appearance in the movie. He is shown when Shaun scrunches up the schedule and kicks it over to him for him to eat it. He also appears when The Bull (Character) cuts his rope when he charges into it, causing him to run around the farm screaming and knocking things over like the chicken coop. Then he makes another appearance when Bitzer also scrunches up and kicks the schedule for him to eat it at the end of the movie.


  • Mower Mouth might have fake teeth, since in the episode "Hair Today Gone Tomorrow", a pair of them was attached to the Farmer's wig when it landed on the road after Shaun and Bitzer managed to get it out of his mouth.
  • He is known to fall asleep after eating, an example is "Draw the Line", after eating all the onions that the worker threw at him, he fell asleep.
  • Mower Mouth's teeth and jaws are strong enough to consume non-edible things, including bricks, tires and metal cans.
  • In "The Stare", Mower Mouth learns hypnosis and uses his eyes to control others until Bitzer forces him to wear sunglasses.