Mower Mouth (character)

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Mower Mouth is a voracious goat who consumes everything he finds, be it edible or not. He is an unstoppable eating machine – while not an unfriendly character, all of his considerable energy is focused on his next meal.

Episode Appearences

Shaun the Sheep Movie



  • Mower Mouth might have fake teeth, since in the episode "Hair Today Gone Tomorrow", a pair of them was attached to the Farmer's wig when it landed on the road after Shaun and Bitzer managed to get it out of his mouth.
  • He is known to fall asleep after eating, an example is "Draw the Line", after eating all the onions that the worker threw at him, he fell asleep.
  • Mower Mouth's teeth and jaws are strong enough to consume non-edible things, including bricks and metal cans.
  • In "The Stare", Mower Mouth learns hypnosis and uses his eyes to control others until Bitzer forces him to wear sunglasses.
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