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Off The Baa! is the first episode of Shaun the Sheep. It is in the first Series. In this episode, it features the first appearances of the main characters.


A cabbage rolls into the lawn, then a game of football breaks out. Things get worse when the pigs want it for lunch.


The show starts with Shaun resting, The Flock eating, and Bitzer drinking his coffee. The Farmer while he is driving his tractor, his cabbage rolls down into the lawn. Shaun uses it as a football and The Flock was shock. Because they want to play with it. When The Pigs wake up, they see The Flock playing with a cabbage. they were so hungry and they were willing to eat it. Shaun and the flock are playing with a cabbage, but the cabbage went inside Shirley. Shaun finds the cabbage inside Shirley, but the twins chop off an exit sign and use it as a goal with Heather as the goalie. Shaun is about to play soccer, but Bitzer has to flip the coin first. And the flock dislike it. Because it is delaying their time so they play soccer right away. And Bitzer tells one sheep to be out. Then the pigs use a crossbow to get the cabbage, but then they shot Bitzer causing him to be angry and the pigs pretend they were innocent. The flock continues playing soccer and then Timmy's Mother accidentally kick it in the window of the farmhouse. Bitzer calls one of the flock to find the cabbage inside the farmhouse, Hazel is chosen to bring the cabbage out of the house,Bitzer waits and sees the sheep kick the cabbage out of the window again and the cabbage goes next to Shaun and he kicks it until he stumbles upon Shirley. Bitzer holds up a red card tells Shirley that she is out, but she won't listen and tell Hazel and one of The Twins push her away, Shaun finally kicks the cabbage into the goal causing the flock to be happy, but then it goes into the pigsty and the pigs have finally try to eat it, and Shaun and the flock get it and throw it away to Timmy. He kicks it and Shaun goes up and also the pig goes up trying to get the cabbage, but the cabbage goes inside the duck and the duck can still fly. Shaun goes down to Shirley and The Pigs goes down into the pigsty. The Flock celebrates with Shaun, and Bitzer who sees The Farmer driving his tractor using his hands if he can catch another cabbage. But a pumpkin from the Farmer's trailer accidentally falls on Bitzer's head causing him to be unable to see anything. The episode ends with Shaun and The Flock laughing together.





  • Off the Baa poster.jpg
    This is the series premiere and Season 1 premiere.
  • This is the first appearance of Shaun and his flocks, and all the other main and recurring characters.
  • A "Nessun Dorma" theme from Puccina's opera Turandot is heard, when Shaun and The Pigs are trying to get the cabbage up.
  • This episode was included as a bonus feature on the Wallace and Gromit: Ultimate Anniversary Collection Blu-ray.
  • Hazel is the first sheep to enter in the farmer's house to encounter.
  • Nuts can be seen when the two sheep push Shirley away.