Out of Order is the first episode in Season 5.


When the Farmer is stuck inside the loo, Bitzer tries to open the door. But this fails when he calls Shaun and the Flock to open.


The farmhouse is renovated with a new bathroom and Bitzer is cutting bush. After finishing his work, his next job is to insert toilet paper into the loo box. However, the loo is occupied by the farmer and he complain about the lack of toilet paper in the loo. The flock laugh at the situation with Bitzer grabbing the toilet paper from the renovating bathroom, but it stretched too thin and the roll snapped and Bitzer only got one paper with the rest dirty on the ground.

Bitzer gave the farmer one paper and the farmer uses his phone to complain Bitzer's messy work. Bitzer went back to find there are no more toilet rolls, instead he grab the worker's newspaper as a toilet paper. The farmer managed to clean his mess with the newspaper but the loo door was stuck. Bitzer tries to open it but can't open it, the construction worker also fails to open the door and decide to throw the box away without knowing the farmer is inside. Shaun offer Bitzer help to free the farmer.

The flock plan to free the farmer with Nuts thought that erasing the box in the blackboard solve the problem much to Shaun dismay. He later say the worker using a can opener to open a canned beans. Shaun had an idea and decide to use a can opener style: Nuts using a saw to open the loo while the other sheep turn the box to simulate a can opener. The plan worries Bitzer but Shaun assures him. The sheep turning the loo hit Shirley who is holding Nuts which cause a chain reaction where the saw disconnects and hitting anywhere until the saw cause the box to drop.

Shaun picks up Bitzer cap and saw a saw and had another plan. Shaun use a the saw to cut the loo in half but was canceled by Bitzer who is worried about his owner. Shaun saw a rope and had a final plan, to pull the door using a rope and a truck. The plan succeed as the knob is loose and unlocking the door, but the farmer is nowhere to be found. It is revealed that the loo the farmer is in is taken away, Bitzer throws the tissue paper in the farmer's loo and consider his task successfully. Bitzer decide to help after called by the farmer with the flock laughs


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