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Pidsley is the secondary minor antagonist in Series 1 and a secondary major antagonist in Series 2. He is the farmer's cat who desires to be the sole recipient of his attention.

Episode Appearance


In the first season, Pidsley had a deep orange color, and is rather plump, with skinny limbs, an indistinguishable neck, and three teeth on his upper jaw. He has small ears, moderately proportioned eyes, and a black round nose.

In season 2, Pidsley was heavily redesigned compared to the likes of Bitzer and the Farmer, now looking much more like a real cat. His fur is more detailed and is a brighter shade of orange, with faded brown stripes across his back and tail. Pidsley also has more proportionate limbs and his ears are smaller, as are his eyes. He now has a full set of teeth and wears a black collar, and his paws, muzzle, underbelly and tail tip are yellowish shade of cream. Most notably, Pidsley's neck is more defined.


He's jealous of Bitzer's attention with the farmer and he even hates the flock as well as the pigs, thinking of them as stupid and beneath him.


Pidsley is often trying to get rid of the Flock, and has notably threatened them or used them in various schemes. He tries to use evidence against them, but is often outsmarted, and has been seen to get himself in trouble for trying to stop them. He very much hates them, though it is unknown why. He tries to kill a poor little mouse who is friends with the Flock.