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Ping-Pong Poacher (episode) is the 24th episode of Series 4 of Shaun the Sheep. It was aired on the CBBC channel on 11 December 2014.


The sly fox tries to take advantage of the animals on the farm being distracted whilst cheering on Shaun, who is playing against Bitzer in a ping-pong match.


Shaun sees a ping-pong table, and starts messing around with the ball. Bitzer joins him and they play ping-pong, always moving around the table. The Flock gather to watch and the Moles to score. The Fox pops up over a wall and laughs as he watches them, realizing the chickens are unguarded. Bitzer sneakily wins a go, and Shaun tries to get him back. Now the Fox is in the farm, behind the sheep. He makes his move. Shaun hits a ball so high he gets to go to the toilet in the middle of it! Now the Pigs are watching. As Shaun goes for his next move, the Fox strikes. Shaun here's the chirping chickens, and asks them to be quiet. Shaun wins another match, as The Fox escapes over a bush. He comes back in a barrel, but just as he goes inside, a cockerel comes outside, and bats him out the way. During all this, the match continues, and the ball goes into the Chicken hut. The Fox gets some chicken feathers, sticks them to his head and hides in the corner. As Shaun collects the ball, he clucks. Shaun ignores this. Now the score is 19-20, and it's getting tense. Then Shaun here's breaking, and the "ball" which is actually an egg, hops to the other side, giving Shaun the point. The Sheep cheer and set off loud noise speakers, throwing scarves in the air. The ball had actually gone to the Fox, who had sat down to eat his meal! Shaun and Bitzer then end the episode by stroking the Chick.


Main appearances:

Supporting cast:

  • The Moles
  • The Flock
  • The Chick


  • The Fox

Minor characters:

  • The Hens
    • The Rooster
  • The Pigs