Shape Up With Shaun is the third episode of Series 1 of Shaun the Sheep.


Shirley has put on even more weight than usual, so Shaun decides to help her get in shape with a rigorous exercise regime.

Episode Summary

The episode begins with Bitzer checking off the flock, when he sees Shirley stuck in the door to the barn. She can't get out! Shaun comes by with a shopping cart, to Bitzer's confusion. When Shirley is inside the cart, it launches back and surprises Bitzer, breaks the fence and confuses The Farmer, hurts some of the chickens, and ends up destroyed in the back of the barn. Shaun and the flock find the food inside Shirley's fleece, and they use a cupcake to follow Shirley on a treadmill. While Timmy's mother helps out, Shaun starts a workout exercise just for Shirley. After the exercise, Shirley becomes thin and Timmy's Mother uses the tractor to let her have the last exercise. But Timmy accidentally touches the gear stick, which causes the tractor to drop more bricks in the see-saw and also causing Shirley to be thrown in the pie truck. The Flock follows Shirley and sees her eating all of the pies inside the truck, causing Shaun to be disappointed. During evening, Shaun and The Flock do an exercise dance. The episode ends with Shirley smiling.




  • Shirley's training is based on the film "Rocky".
  • When Shirley gets thin, she looks similar to Shaun.
  • This is the first episode to include Shaun's name on the title.
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