Shirley is a member of The Flock lead by Shaun. She's by far the biggest sheep of the flock, and she sports a ferocious appetite. Although Shirley has what to many is an intimidating appearance, she has been shown to be a very caring sheep, who always stays at the side of her friends and family in the flock. She plays a predominant role in the series, Appearing in the majority of episodes and even being named in the Series 6 trailer.

Shirley has been shown to be fond of Timmy, and she fiercely protects him from danger, such as whenever The Fox tries to kidnap him.


Shirley is by far the biggest member of The Flock, being roughly 4 times the size of the average size of her fellow sheep. Due to her size, Shirley does not move as much as her flock-mates. She can usually be spotted on the fields on the farm she and the rest of the flock calls their home, eating anything that comes in her path.

In addition to being a big sheep, she has been shown to act as a storage facility, as her wool is frequently used by the other sheep to hide their belongings that they wish for no one else to find.


Despite her huge size, and her at times rough behavior, Shirley has been shown to be a caring, and loyal sheep, who always steps up to help her friends and family. She has shown a particular fondness towards Timmy, and she fiercely protects him in times of danger.


Names around the World

  • Japanese: シャーリー - Shārī
  • Chinese: 雪莉 - Xuě lì
  • Hindi: शर्ली - sharlee
  • English: Shirley
  • Korean: 셜리 - syeolli
  • Finnish: Sirkka, originally Siiri
  • German: Shirley
  • Russian: Ширли
  • Slovenian: Špela


  • Due to her size, Shirley very rarely walks on her hind legs. As such, instances of her using her hands for anything are far and in-between.
  • In "Shape Up with Shaun", Shirley is briefly slimmed down by Shaun's extensive exercise regiment. During this time, she appears very similar to Shaun in build and appearance, although she retains her deep baritone voice despite the weight loss.
  • In "Buzz Off Bees", she was first stung by the bees and in another episode in Series 4, "The Spider", she was afraid of a spider and screamed because of the spider in her front right hoof.
  • In "Saturday Night Shaun", during the end, she eats a music player, making the flock want to dance.
  • As seen in Weighlifting, one of the Championsheeps episode, we see that Shaun had to lift a weight that had Shirley on one side and two other sheep on the other side. As told above, Shirley weighs 26 bricks, which made the two sheep on the other side also weigh 26 bricks if the weight is balanced. Therefore, each sheep, except Shaun, Timmy and Shirley, weighs around 13 bricks.
  • Despite her voice sounding like a male. Shirley is actually female.


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