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Stash is the new character of Shaun the Sheep: Adventures from Mossy Bottom.


Stash is a small squirrel. She is red with a white chest and a white muzzle.


As the name suggests, Stash likes to steal away and stash nuts and birdseeds. She is also a trickster and has been seen using her super-speed to prank Shaun and Bitzer when they try to stop her from stealing from them. Since Stash has also been seen hanging out with the flock in a friendly manner, it can be assumed that she is still on good terms with everyone.


Although Stash appears earlier in Adventures from Mossy Bottom, Squirrelled Away seems to be written as an introduction to the character. In this episode she is the antagonist who steals bird seeds from Bitzer, preventing him from birdwatching.

In CSI Mossy, Stash is one of the suspects when Bitzer's whistle disappears.

In Hot to Trotter, stash is seen in a tutu, dancing ballet alongside Shirley.





  • She is similar to Finlay from Timmy Time, as they are both red and are super fast.
  • Stash is similar to a real squirrel species, which is "Red Squirrel", which are common throughout Eurasia.