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The episode starts with The Flock having a peaceful time. Timmy is sucking on his pacifier when he sees The Farmer adding green substance which can make plants grow, which he uses all of it on, then throws the bottle behind him with the duck licking a bit of it. After the tomato got bigger, Timmy spits out his pacifier and gives a big bite to the tomato which the duck witnesses and flies off. Shaun and the flock get scared because they didn't recognise Timmy. The entire flock climbed onto one of the trees, which Timmy later shakes, Timmy's Mother recognises him and Timmy though his mother was telling him to come down so Timmy unknowingly jumps and sits on his mother. Shaun then helps Timmy's Mother up after she was hurt becuase her son jumped on her and recognises that the giant sheep is Timmy. Timmy then saw Bitzer about to go to his dog house and thinks that Bitzer is a toy and starts chasing him. Bitzer seeing supersized Timmy chasing him drops his cup and runs straight into the house and gets some wood, nails and a hammer to close the door to make sure the giant sheep doesn't get in. Timmy then wrecks the Farmer's tractor with Shaun trying to hide him, and Bitzer tells The Farmer but they do not see him when they go out because Shaun had hid him, the Farmer doesn't believe him and honks his nose then goes back into the house with Bitzer. After Shaun tells giant Timmy that he can now go out since the Farmer went back in, Bitzer sees Timmy and tries to tell the Farmer once more until Timmy comes up at the window and sees Bitzer (still thinking that he is a teddy bear) and grabs him from the kitchen under the table and climbs onto the roof, where he tries to grab a duck with Bitzer fainted. Shaun and Timmy's Mum would then try and get him down by making the teddy bear squeak. With Timmy down, he drops Bitzer and holds his teddy bear, Shaun later honks Bitzer's nose and wakes him up with Bitzer finally recognising Timmy. Shaun, Bitzer and Timmy's Mother lead him to the barn, after Timmy hits his head, it caused him to start crying loudly like a monster. The Farmer, however, runs outside to see the tree knocked over, his car in the pool and the shed destroyed, as he hears Timmy crying extremely loud. The Farmer finally believes Bitzer and runs to phone the whole town to take giant sheep down and the tomato shrinks because the substance had worn off. That evening, the town rushes into the farm where the Farmer was hiding and shows them where the sound of "monster" was coming from before the town can destroy Timmy, the substance also where's off in him and he shrinks by passing gas with the people seeing Timmy, finally a small once again, they thought theyve been tricked and leave. Shaun, Bitzer and Timmy's Mum then leave the barn with Timmy already sleeping and hear a deep quack and see that the duck had grown as well, this time, bigger than how Timmy was.



  • Phineas and Ferb - When Bitzer was telling The Farmer just like Candace was telling her mother Linda to bust Phineas and Ferb.
  • When Timmy grows after he ates the big tomato, he just like Candace using the growth elixir to be the next Flawless Girl, then Candace grows big.
  • When the Farmer calls the angry mob on the phone, he just like Constance (Candace) was telling angry mob.
  • Attack of the 50 Foot Woman - This episode is likely a parody of the 1958 film and its 1993 remake.
  • King Kong - When Timmy grows big sized after he ates the big tomato, he climbs the Farmer's wall, holding Bitzer.


  • When Timmy grows big sized, he looks same as Shirley.
  • Timmy even sounds like Shirley when he grew big.
  • Timmy is keeping his baby way when became a giant.


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