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Take Away is the eighth episode of Series 1 of Shaun the Sheep.


Shaun and The Flock are trying to get some pizza, posing as a person.


As Shaun, Bitzer and the Flock notice the Pizza Delivery Boy arrive with pizza for the Farmer, everyone becomes hungry for pizza, too. While the Farmer takes a nap after eating a slice, Shaun gathers the Flock together to borrow the Scarecrow's long coat and floppy hat. Adding some gloves and old boots, plus sunglasses to hide his face, Shaun stands on the shoulders of two sheep hiding inside the coat to appear as a giant human. Bitzer calls everyone together to make orders for what pizza they want, then guides Shaun and the two sheep out the gate, with a frog (previously removed from the hat) hopping after Shaun.

Taking the bus into town, Shaun is offered candy by the Granny, only to accidentally knock the candy bag onto the bus floor. The Granny angrily swats Shaun with her purse until the bus stops. Feeling dazed for a moment, Shaun and the two sheep check the map for the pizzeria location, scaring a pedestrian in the process.

Upon arriving at the pizzeria, the other customers flee at the sight of the giant humanoid, but the Pizza Delivery Boy remains calm as Shaun (in a gruff voice) places the orders. Back at the Farm, Bitzer and the Flock are bothered by their stomachs growling (Shirley's stomach growls so loudly, she's lifted off her hooves, causing a quake).

As the Pizza Delivery Boy brings Shaun's very tall order, the sheep tries paying him with buttons, a plastic comb, and a kazoo, all of which are not accepted. When Shaun finally offers the Frog that followed him, the Pizza Delivery Boy gladly accepts and allows Shaun to take the large stack of pizzas, much to the Frog's dismay.

Shaun soon finds a shopping trolley and arrives back at the Farm at sunset, as everyone has become incredibly bored, only to rejoice at the sight of Shaun with the pizzas. Shaun, Bitzer and the Flock enjoy the rest of the evening, eating pizza (with a small child-sized pizza just for Timmy and Timmy keeps sobbing because his pizza is to small, while Shirley eats hers, still inside the box). Later that night, the Farmer goes outside to toss his pizza box in the trash, when the sound of loud belching and the Scarecrow surrounded by empty pizza boxes, sends the Farmer screaming back into the house. Hiding behind the Scarecrow, Shaun and the Flock share a laugh, as Shirley was the cause of the belching.




  • This is the first episode that Shaun was in the big city.
  • This episode could be the Prototype of "Shaun the Sheep Movie".


You can see Shirley's head when it flashes to the scarecrow.