Shaun the Sheep Wiki

She's soooo cute, i thought she was a pig, lol.

What I didn't realize the first few times I saw the movie was that she could have escaped the Containment had she wanted to.

Shaun makes eye contact with Slip and they work together across the hall. Slip also trips Trumper as Shaun makes his chalk drawing and when Trumper falls, he looks up right at Shaun's drawing. So Slip and Shaun were in opposite cells. Bitzer was sharing a cell with Shaun, and Bitzer is opposite the Cardboard Cutout dog who had escaped. Slip had to be alone in her cell, because when Shaun locked up Trumper and took the keys, they opened her cell. Any other animal that had been in the cell with Slip would have gone out with them. So Slip would have been alone in her cell, and if all the cells house two animals, Trumper would have put her with the Cardboard Cutout dog who had escaped and left a hole leading outside.

Slip would have been able to fit out of the hole and escape too. She either wanted to stay in the hope that she'd be adopted, or to help Shaun and Bitzer. And if she did want to be adopted, she helped Shaun and Bitzer anyway.

I don't know if her possibility of escape was done on purpose or coincidentally, or if I'm wrong, but Slip is amazing.

Half Centaur (talk) 15:46, December 14, 2015 (UTC)