Shaun, the worlds most famous and favourite sheep, is back in another 30 thrilling and laugh out loud adventures. Thanks to Shaun's inquisitive nature, life is never dull on Mossybottom Farm. Wheres that terrible smell coming from and how can they get rid of it? Will the Genie make Shaun's dream come true? What will Shaun get up to with the Aliens ray blaster? Don't miss out on all the fun - make a date with Shaun the Sheep Series 4.


  1. Men At Work
  2. Cones
  3. Caught Short Alien
  4. Happy Birthday Timmy!
  5. 3DTV
  6. The Smelly Farmer
  7. DIY
  8. The Rabbit
  9. Bad Boy
  10. The Genie
  11. Prize Possession
  12. The Spider
  13. The Dog Show
  14. Missing Piece
  15. Wildlife Watch
  16. The Pelican
  17. The Looney Tic
  18. Remote Control
  19. Phoney Farmer
  20. Ground Dog Day
  21. The Intruder
  22. Duck!
  23. Bitzer for the Day
  24. Bitzer's Secret
  25. The Stare
  26. Ping-Pong Poacher
  27. Save the Dump
  28. Picture Perfect
  29. Hidden Talents
  30. Fruit and Nuts
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