The Farmer
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A man with light red hair, white skin, a green coat, blue trousers, wearing big, round glasses

    Personal Infomation

One of the parents of his niece


The Fox, The Naughty Pigs (Sometimes), Trumper, The Farmer's Niece (briefly),


Bitzer (Best friend and Local Dog), The Naughty Pigs (Sometimes), Shaun, The Flock,


Shaun, Bitzer, Pidsley, Timmy, Timmy's Mother, Lola, The Flock, The Naughty Pigs, The Rooster, The Mother Hen, The Chicks, Mower Mouth, The Bull and a major number of animals in his farm


Oblivious, loving, caring, often angry, short-tempered, devoted, good-natured, cranky, clumsy, critical, strict


Music, a peaceful life on the farm, Bitzer obeying him, The Flock, eating pizza, watching movies


Bitzer disobeying him, disorder on The Farm, The Farmer's Niece harassing The Flock and strict Bitzer

Friends and Allies

Bitzer, Shaun, The Flock

Enemies and Rivals

People who annoy him

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Owner of his farm


The Farm

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First Appearance

Off the Baa!

Voiced by

John Sparkes

The Farmer (also named nicknamed Mr. X in the Shaun the Sheep movie) is the glasses wearing, red headed owner of Mossy Bottom farm where the whole scene of Shaun the Sheep takes place. 

He is a typical farmer, but not very smart, even though he has solved quite a few problems during the show. He goes about his daily business unaware that his sheep are anything but normal animals - and Bitzer is determined to keep it that way. However, there have been many close calls. He was a re-sculpt of Mr. Hugh from Stage Fright. The Farmer is described like a every-day farmer who tries to survive with his farm and all the animals on it. Strangely, he seems to be able to fix any damage made to the farm because of Shaun and the Flock, though he does show outrage over the damages caused sometimes. He always tries to shear his sheep and when he does, they run away from him (seen in Fleeced)

Background Edit

Not much is known about the farmer's background, but it is revealed that he has lived on his farm ever since he was a child. His family, may have owned the farm for generations as seen on a shelf above his fireplace which shows photos of (in respective order); him and Bitzer along with The Flock, his father alongside a unnamed dog (maybe Bitzer's father) and sheep, and his grandfather.

  1. As shown in Who's The Caddy, the Farmer was once a prized golf player. The photo also shows that Bitzer has been on the Farmer's side for his entire life as he was just a puppy at the time. He also wore an Afro-like appearance, which may indicate that he was a good dancer back in the 80s.
  2. He has a real twin brother who is into "new age" music. In the episode "Karma Farmer", the farmer leaves and put his brother in charge of the farm. The animals aren't aware this is not their usual farmer and don't understand why he acts so strangely until the real farmer comes back and show them an old picture of him and his twin brother.


The Farmer is an oblivious and clumsy gentleman. He has a like for different things, which The Flock also want to do. He has several flaws, but above all, he is a caring and devoted farmer. He always speaks in mumbo-jumbo and uses rather action to communicate.

Hobbies Edit

The Farmer has over the course of the series been shown to have several hobbies, the most notable of which is his love for his tractor. The Farmer has shown particular outrage when his tractor is either destroyed or damaged.

The Farmer has also been shown to enjoy tending his garden, and has shown an particular interest in flowers.

Prior to the show, the Farmer was also a prized golf player, with Bitzer being his caddie. It is unknown why The Farmer quit as a golf player, but it could be that he took over the farm at the time and could not find time to spare to maintain this hobby. His Afro-like appearance in the same episode also indicates that he was a renounced dancer back in the 80s.

Backround InformationEdit

  1. In Shaun the Sheep Movie, The Farmer is nicknamed Mr. X.
  2. His eyes are not visible. Strangely, his eyes are seen when his new glasses are put on in the episode "Ewe've Been Framed".

Shaun the Sheep Movie Edit

The Farmer is first seen when he was young and when the Flock, and Bitzer were young and growing each day until how it was in the show, it starts out with the Farmer shearing Shaun like he's having a hair cut, one day Shaun wants to have a day off but has to distract The Farmer by putting him to sleep, When Shaun and the Flock gets caught by Bitzer he tries to tell the Farmer what happened but Bitzer mistakenly broke the handle resulting the Farmer go down the hill into the big city with Bitzer chasing after him. The Farmer finally wakes up like how he normally does but gets his head hit by a hard object and was taken to hospital.

When the Farmer wakes up in the hospital and has "memory loss" after the hard object causing him to lose him memory, he leaves the hospital without being noticed because he knows that is something important and walks into a stylist's shop and get a little bit of memory of him sheep shearing Shaun and does the same to the Celebrity in the style of Shaun's hair and it becomes popular with lots of people taking selves with the hair style and other pictures and renames himself to Mr. X and becomes a Icon in the Big City.

Later the Farmer hears Shaun and The Flock singing "Feels Like Summer" and throws his memory loss paper out of the window, Shaun finally finds The Farmer but Shaun doesn't notice that his memory is lost and The Farmer forcing him and The Flock to leave in a angry way.

In the stylist's shop, the Farmer hears the tune and is intrigued. He steps into the supply closet, opening the window to listen better. A memory is jogged, and he starts to question whether he has another purpose out there instead of being a stylist to the snobs of the world. He pulls the chart that says "memory loss" out of his pocket and looks at it, reminding himself he really doesn't have a true identity yet. But his new boss calls him to come back to work, so he wads up the chart and throws it out the window, deciding to go back to the one thing he knows he can do.

Later the Flock made a plan to bring The Farmer home by doing the counting the sheep method which what made him gone to sleep in the first part of the film.The Farmer and the rest of the staff fall asleep so The Flock puts The Farmer on top of the horse costume that the Flock uses to avoid attention from Trumper, they make it back to his caravan and hide from Trumper while the Farmer thinks of having a back massage.They make it back to the farm they hide in the shed and Trumper finds them and tries to kill them. The Farmer wakes up but his memory’s still not working. The Flock carrying and scared embrace the Farmer and them, The Farmer sees with his animals in a window having his memory back. The Farmer learns that Trumper tries to throw him and his animals in a quarry and exit from the shed to fight, but nearly falls off the edge but caught Bitzer's ears and the Flock helps him up.

Then out of nowhere the Farmer saves Shaun from falling off the cliff while he's memory was fully normal, Shaun and the rest where happy to see him, while Trumper tries to escape of the farm, Slip stop's Trumper biting his foot. The Farmer sees Trumper and complains for almost throwing him and the flock to the quarry. Trumper scared of the farmer tries to reason with the Farmer but it is being pushed by the bull which is manages to leave the cliff and falling into a bag of manure. The Farmer and the animals now at peace, The Farmer goes to his house to sleep. The next morning, the rooster crows and everyone wakes up to business as usual, but everyone is going about it more happily and with more of a spring in their step. The Farmer and Bitzer open the barn and the sheep happily gather round the Farmer, glad to have him home again. The moment is almost ruined as the farmer sadly looks at the schedule, clearly wishing for once they didn't have to do it. Bitzer makes the decision for him by grabbing the paper, wadding it up, and throwing it to the goat to eat.

During the credits, images are shown of the farmer, Bitzer, and the Sheep enjoying a day off in the country. The farmer turns the news on to see something about Mr. X having disappeared on horseback, which confuses him a bit.

Relationships Edit

Shaun Edit

In the series there is not much about the relationship with the Farmer. In the film they expanded a bit like Shaun was the son of the Farmer, because when he was a lamb was very fond with the Farmer. Shaun decides to make a plan for the Farmer sleep for the day off. But when the Farmer gets lost in the big city and see the whole farm is a mess without it, he decides to go find him. In The Big City looking for him with the help of the other sheep but always confused with other people or objects. After being captured by Trumper, Shaun seen in the back window. This calls him but the Farmer does not. After escaping from prison, he finally they meet with the Farmer in a hairdresser. But Shaun believes that the Farmer no longer wants more because he is now famous (when it actually does not remember because of his memory loss) and Shaun leaves heartbroken. When Shaun goes to live with Slip and the flock it is how bad it feels because I wanted both the Farmer. Moments later, he discovers that the Farmer had memory loss, and construction a horse to sleep at the Farmer (again) to take him back to the farm. But Trumper follows him to the farm where they hide in a shed. Shaun sees Trumper uses a tractor to take the shed into a rock quarry. Shaun and the flock with the fear of death, embracing this Farmer and his memory returns. The Farmer leaves the shed to face Trumper but he almost fell. Shaun out of the shed and gets rid of Trumper to use the tractor to save the herd and the Farmer. Trumper grabs him and throws him to the quarry, and Shaun frightened he close his eyes. The Farmer manages to save Shaun and this shows his affection for as Shaun to the Farmer. Shaun also sees the angry Farmer with Trumper (trying to escape from the farm to prevent the Farmer), go to Trumper with faced of coward who ends up being pushed behind by the bull and laughs with the Farmer and the flock to see which ends falling into a pile of manure. The next morning he meets the farmer happy to see him, but we surprised to learn that even has honorariums table. After make the decision by Bitzer The farmer cancel the chore, he goes to the farmer and flock to enjoy the day. Then, go on the news about the disappearance of the Farmer as Mr X, leaving it with open mouth.

Bitzer Edit

In the series, the Farmer has little to do with Bitzer. Bitzer always accompany or help in situations that he can not solve. In the film, like Shaun, Bitzer was a puppy when he had much affection for him. Time passes, and Bitzer helps the Farmer in the chore with sheep, and usually always hit the door by the Farmer. When Shaun and Bitzer discovers the flock in the Farmer's house, they forced him to carry on where they left the farmer. Bitzer tries to open the caravan, but makes the door handle was broken and the caravan moves. Bitzer pursues the caravan but can not succeed in grabbing. In the big city comes to see that the Farmer is taken to hospital. Bitzer at first enters the hospital due prohibited entry of dogs, but then manages to get dressed surgeon. Find the Farmer but after accidentally entering a crucial, where after is captured by Trumper. Bitzer, Shaun, Slip and flock see an ad with the face of the Farmer and Shaun and the flock are excited to see it, but something feels wrong about Bitzer The farmer, but still goes with the herd and Shaun get it. Shaun and Bitzer goes with the herd to meet the Farmer on a hairdresser, but Bitzer thinks the Farmer does not want to see because it is more famous. After seeing that has lost memory, create a horse to take him to the sleeping Farmer and to the farm. They make it to the farm but sees that Trumper follows and is hiding in a shed with Shaun, The flock, Slip and The Farmer. Bitzer, Shaun, Slip and frightened the flock to see Trumper finds and uses a tractor to throw in a quarry. Bitzer is scared and he hugs the Farmer with Shaun and the others. He brings back his memory, and when he discovers what's happening, the Farmer leaves the shed to fight but almost fall and Bitzer and the flock and grab achieved. After he is saved by Shaun, Trumper grabs Shaun and throws to the quarry. Bitzer is startled to learn that Shaun is going to fall from the quarry but rejoices after being saved by the Farmer. Bitzer sees Trumper (with fear to Tthe Farmer) and then being pushed by the bull and laughs to see Trumper falls into a pile of manure. The next morning, Bitzer decides to make the decision of the Farmer to cancel the chore. In the credits they are enjoying the day off with the Farmer, Shaun and the flock and also is surprise to see the news of the disappearance of the farmer as Mr X.

The Flock Edit

The Flock has little relationship with the Farmer. In one episode, the Farmer wanted to use sheep to cut its wool but they manage comfortableness a hairdresser. In the film, uses the flock to the chore. The other day Shaun and the flock "escape" but the Farmer stops and makes entering the field of grass, but Shaun and the flock do sleep using the method of counting sheep. In the big city (with memory loss) does not recognize the herd like Shaun and Bitzer and made the hairdresser. At night, while the farmer uses the broom to sweep hair short people, go to the herd and sleeps again. After you wake up in the shed but seeing the Herd still recognize and frightened. Seeing that their animals embrace the fear of dying, he sees a window and regains his memory. Farmer leaves the shed to fight but almost fell Bitzer and the flock and grab achieved. After being saved by Shaun, they meet with the Farmer and approach Trumper for his actions, and the Farmer is about to face Trumper. Trumper is push by the bull and he falling into a pile of manure laugh and hug to the Farmer. The next morning meet with Bitzer and the Farmer and they surprised to see the table. Bitzer decide to make the decision of the Farmer to cancel the chore. In the credits the flock, the Farmer, Shaun and Bitzer are enjoying the day off with the Farmer, Shaun and the flock and Also is surprise to see the news of the disappearance of the farmer as Mr X.

The Pigs Edit

The Pigs tend to be good or bad with the the Farmer. In one episode, after which Bitzer breaks his foot by dropping an old TV on it, one of the pigs breaks it offers to do the work of Bitzer, but instead use the flock as slaves and then enter the house of The Farmer making a mess. The Farmer discovers that the Pigs entered his house (thanks to Shaun that the camera used The Pigs) arrives furious at the farm and made the Pigs go out of his home. In Shaun the Sheep Movie they did not have much interaction but after Shaun and the flock back to the farm, the Pigs think the Farmer is going to enter in his house and cleaned the whole house so as not to be counted and after they leave the house, but one of the Pigs who stayed in the house.

Trumper Edit

The Farmer does not have much interaction with Trumper, since apparently he never saw him in the big city. The Farmer see Trumper uses a tractor to pull him and his animals at a quarry and Furious, he goes out of the shed to fight but almost fell to the quarry. After saving Shaun, the Farmer sees Trumper and furious approaches to deal with Trumper, while Trumper (who tried to escape from the farm) tries to reason with the Farmer for his misunderstanding. While the Farmer is closer to face Trumper, The bull pushes Trumper and then laughs with their animals to see Trumper falling into a pile of manure.

The Fox Edit

In the Episode Cock-a-Doodle Shaun, after which the cock crowed, the Farmer wakes up and sees The Fox chasing Bitzer (Disguised as a chicken). The furious Farmer then grabs an axe and chases the Fox down the road. While The Fox is startled of the Farmer and runs through the streets while the Farmer pursues.

Names around the World Edit

  • Japanese: ファーマー - Faamaa
  • Chinese: 农民 - Nóngmín
  • Hindi: किसान - kisaan
  • English: The Farmer
  • Korean: 농부 - nongbu
  • Spanish: El Granjero
  • Indonesian: Si Peternak
  • Russian: Фермер
  • Germany: Der Bauer

Trivia Edit

  • The farmer seems to not mind Bitzer's intelligence, by letting him look after, reporting, doing his chores or ignore that he can walk on 2 legs.
  • His design changed in Series 3, where he has rectangular glasses instead of round ones. This was also the design used in Shaun The Sheep Movie.
  • His childhood was shown in a video tape in We Wish Ewe a Merry Christmas, when he got a ball for Christmas and unintentionally broke the camera with the ball, his voice was also similar to that of Shaun's.