Shaun the Sheep Wiki

The Flock are one big happy, if slightly dopey, family. They live on Mossy Bottom Farm, and are owned by The Farmer. They like to play and create mischief together, though it's usually Shaun and Bitzer who sort out the resulting mess. Short-sighted and reckless, the flock tend to be somewhat dumb (except Shaun, Bitzer, and sometimes Timmy), but under the proper management and surveillance of Shaun or Bitzer, they can be very productive. They have at times managed incredible feet of construction and engineering, showing they're not quite as dumb as they may seem. They typically look to Shaun for guidance, although are quite capable of recognizing when their leader has lost his way.

The Flock members and two more no members; Bitzer and Pidsley.

The Flock is at times very numerous, though at times it appears somewhat small as well. The only known named sheep are:

Unnamed members of the flock use the same body mold as The Twins and Hazel. You can find more info about them on this page: The Flock (Generic Members).


The Flock only has a limited number of sheep who exhibit either an individual design or personality. Most of these particular sheep have their own specific model to identify them. Additionally, there is a generic sheep model used to effectively pad out The Flock's numbers with unnamed sheep. This generic model is also used for Hazel and The Twins.

  • Shaun - Smaller and thinner, has fleece atop his head
  • Shirley - Larger and Rounder
  • Timmy - Lamb-proportioned, often seen with a Pacifier
  • Timmy's Mother - Longer face and hair curlers atop her head
  • Nuts - Flattened face with asymmetrical eyes
  • The Twins - No special features, but always seen in a pair
  • Hazel - Looks like the twins, but always seen as her self or with the twins, making 3 identical sheep.