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The Stand Off is the first episode of the Series 3 of the Shaun the Sheep series.


The Farmer has no fresh milk, so he's going shopping to get milk, but a truck gets in the way. Bitzer has to get the Flock out if they don't watch it very well. But then a traffic jam occurs on the road, and Shaun and the Flock can't get past. Bitzer decides to let them walk through a truck, but then has to save them when they don't come out on the other side.




  • This is the Season 3 premiere.
  • The Farmer's glasses are now square-shaped. In addition, the molded line seperating his stubble and the rest of his face has been removed.
  • Bitzer has returned to using his season 1 model, with the fur texture and cream-coloration he received in season 2 now gone.
  • The first episode to feature the CGI-animated Mossy Bottom Farm.
  • The first episode since the hiatus of the series after "We Wish Ewe a Merry Christmas".
  • This episode marks the return of The Bull.