The Twins


The Twins are the sheep that look very similar. They are good friends of Shaun.



It’s usually double the trouble when this woolly duo is involved. Impossible to tell apart, they’re always up for an adventure, so when Shaun suggests a day out, these two are first in the line. They are boisterous, loud and full of energy, this sparky pair likes nothing better than battling it out in a play-fight. But the Twins always come together in times of trouble, so when the Farmer needs finding, they do their best to help out. The left hand side twin, has a more rounded face, whereas the right hand side twin has an almost flat top to his head.




  • Though they are identified as "The Twins", to date they have done little to gain recognition compared to other named members of The Flock such as Shirley, Nuts or Timmy's Mom. Unlike the aforementioned named Sheep, the Twins share the same model as a generic member of the Flock and have no individualized behavior beyond working in tandem together.
  • The Twins have their own specified checkoff on Bitzer's checklists.
  • The duo are almost always seen together.
  • In the episode "Hidden Talents", it is shown that one of the twin did a Kazotsky Kick
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