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Timmy is a notable member of the flock and the tritagonist of the British television series Shaun the Sheep. Adorable but not as innocent as he looks, Timmy is a baby lamb who sucks a pacifier and has a tendency to get himself into comical and often dangerous situations. He is the cousin of Shaun the Sheep, the titular hero of the series. As part of a running gag; Timmy often manages to either be rescued or miraculously recover unscathed from most of the situations he finds himself in.

In 2009, Aardman Animations created a spin off based on his character. In Timmy Time, Timmy experiences the highs and lows of daily life at nursery. Learning to share, learning to work as a team, being kind and helpful and owning up when you’ve made a blunder are all subjects of each episode. Timmy has a whole host of furry and feathered friends who help and hinder his adventures.


Timmy is by far the tiniest member of the Flock. He sucks a yellow pacifier with a rabbit design. Timmy's body shape and oversized ears are exaggerated to emphasize his young age. Within the setting of Shaun the Sheep; Timmy is portrayed as a baby/toddler and hasn't aged much if at all. During the first series, Timmy has one tooth. However, during all subsequent series of Shaun the Sheep, he's portrayed as having all of his teeth.

In Timmy Time, he's portrayed as older with a slightly different body style/posture and a deeper voice. Strangely however, he is portrayed as only having one tooth.

In "Happy Birthday Timmy!”, his birthday is established as April 22.


Timmy is Shaun's cousin. He is the flock's only lamb and thus often the innocent centre of the chaos. Timmy often tries to be like Shaun. His personality is often contrasting: sometimes he acts responsibly and understands what the older sheep say; other times, he acts like a normal baby, sobbing when something is taken from him or scares him.

Names around the World

  • Japanese: ティミー - Timī
  • Chinese: 邓肯 - Dèngkěn
  • Chinese (traditional): 咪咪羊 - Mi Mi Yang
  • Hindi: टिम्मी - timmee
  • English: Timmy
  • Korean: 티미 - Timi
  • Portuguese: Timmy
  • Indonesian: Timi
  • Tamil: தமிழ் - டிம்மி
  • Finnish: Timppa
  • German: Timmy
  • Russia: Тимми
  • Slovenia: Timi

Cone Claw: Part 2

The cone claw sucks him along with his teddy bear, Shaun, Bitzer and all The Flock.


  • He and his mother, are the only sheep to appear in the spin-off called Timmy Time. Although his mother only appears in the theme song and outro for a few seconds.
  • Due to his size, Timmy is sometimes used as a cloth by other characters. He has been used as an chalkboard eraser, a washcloth, and even a paintbrush.
  • He's shown to be able to fly by flapping his ears in "Hidden Talents".
  • Wikipedia incorrectly stated that Timmy is Shaun's son, when really he's the latter's cousin. This was later fixed.