Timmy's mother is the mother of Timmy and aunt of Shaun. She is easily recognizeable by the curlers constantly worn in her hair, as well as her motherly-bleating.

A doting and caring mother, Timmy's Mother is constantly on the lookout for her son's well-being, and is often inconsoleable when he gets lost or into trouble.


  • She actually has long hair when she takes her hair curlers off, as shown in "Babysitter Bitzer".
  • However, in the episode "Spring Lamb", her curlers pop-up with a spring attached to her head.

Names around the World

  • Japanese: ティミーの母親(ベリル) - Timī no hahaoya
  • Chinese: 蒂米的母亲(绿柱石)- Dì mǐ de mǔqīn
  • Hindi: टिम्मी की मां (बेरिल) - timmee kee maan (beril)
  • English: Timmy's Mother
  • Korean: 티미의 어머니 (베릴) - timi ui eomeoni
  • Portuguese: Mãe do Timmy
  • Indonesian: Ibu Timmy
  • Turkish: Timmy’nin Annesi
  • Finnish: Timpan äiti


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