Timmy's mother is the mother of Timmy and the aunt of Shaun. She is easily recognizable by the curlers constantly worn in her hair, as well as her motherly-bleating.

A doting and caring mother, Timmy's mother is constantly on the lookout for her son's well-being and is often inconsolable when he gets lost or into trouble.


  • She actually has long hair when she takes her hair curlers off, as shown in "The Crow" and "Babysitter Bitzer", however, in the episode "Spring Lamb", her curlers pop-up with a spring attached to her head and she is actually bald just like the rest of the flock, as shown in "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" when she briefly removes her curlers. Another difference is her hair colour. In "The Crow", her hair is shown to be white, but in "Babysitter Bitzer", it's blonde.
  • Wikipedia incorrectly stated that Timmy's Mother is Shaun's wife, when she's really Shaun's aunt. This error was later fixed.
  • In The Shadow Play, it is revealed that she has a pink mobile phone.
  • In many episodes (i.e. The Big Chase and Shape Up With Shaun, etc.) it was shown that she could drive the tractor from the Farmer.

Names around the World

  • Japanese: ティミーの母ィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミーィミー親(ベリル) - Timī nononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononono hahaoya☀
  • Chinese: 蒂米的母亲(绿柱石)- Dì mǐ de mǔqīn
  • Hindi: टिम्मी की मां (बेरिल) - timmee kee maan (beril)
  • English: Timmy's Mother
  • Korean: 티미의 어머니 (베릴) - timi ui eomeoni
  • Portuguese: Mãe do Timmy
  • Indonesian: Ibu Timmy
  • Turkish: Timmy’nin Annesi
  • Finnish: Timpan äiti


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