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Timmy In A Tizzy is the fourth episode in Series 1 of Shaun the Sheep.


Timmy is very upset when the Farmer takes his teddy bear away, so Shaun and The Twins take action to get the bear back before it's too late.

Episode Summary

The episode starts when the baby lamb Timmy is crying loudly during the night because he has a nightmare, or Timmy is crying because he scare of something, while the other sheep are sleeping. Shaun finds a teddy bear and gives it to Timmy, which makes he feel surprise and happy, then he fall asleep.

The next day, Timmy plays with his teddy bear, then he places it next to him on the ground. Suddenly, the Farmer walks outside and takes Timmy's bear. Timmy tries to ask him to give it back, but the Farmer does not understand him and just pats Timmy on the head; he then walks away with the teddy bear. Timmy starts sobbing, so his Mom gives him his baby binky pacifier. However, he spits it out and continues sobbing. Shaun gives Timmy a scrappy teddy bear that he found in the junk pile, but Timmy doesn't like it. After the eye pops out, Timmy keeps sobbing. Shaun, Hazel, and one of The Twins decide to get the bear back since that's the only way Timmy will stop sobbing. Meanwhile, the Farmer takes the bear into his house and shows it to his cat, Pidsley. After the Farmer has a glass of hot chocolate, he takes a nap holding the bear. The trio enters the Farmer's house and Shaun takes the teddy bear from the sleeping Farmer, but Pidsley catches them and blocks the front door. Shaun pulls some fur out of one of the twins; making a ball out of yarn and throwing it at Pidsley, causing him to start playing with the yarn ball instead of trying to stop the sheep. The trio leaves the house and gives Timmy his teddy bear back. However, Timmy now wants to play with the scrappy teddy bear that Shaun found earlier, which means that Shaun and his friends basically wasted their time getting the teddy bear. Timmy eventually becomes so happy. The episode then ends.



  • * This is the first episode where Bitzer does not appear.
  • This episode marks Pidsley's first appearance.
  • This is also the first episode to feature Timmy's name in the title.


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