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Two's Companyis the fifty-ninth episode in Series 2 of Shaun the Sheep. It was aired in December 17 2009.


Shaun is smitten when a bedraggled new sheep called Lola lands, quite literally, among the flock. After a wash in the sheep dip, the newcomer turns out to be quite attractive and Shaun immediately falls head over hoof for her. While Bitzer goes to find her rightful owner, the flock are kept amused by Shaun's romantic antics.



  • Timmy's Mum, and Shirley did not appear in this episode.
  • It is unknown where Lola's owner's farm is.
  • The squeak from the contraptions Shaun and Lola use to divert the Flock away, was reused from the Thomas And Friends episode Squeak, Rattle, Roll